Class Action Refund does employ a legal team, however we are not a law firm. We are a claims management company that specializes in the administration of the claims process. 

The settlement process for each case is different and therefore the timeline to settlement varies with each case. Depending where in the settlement process we are, we may be able to provide clarity on a timeframe.

The answer is NO. We are a claims management company that only represents our clients interests in settlement recovery. Our clients are not involved in the litigation of the lawsuit.   

The answer is NO. The claims administrator will assign your business a claim number which will be the only way your business will be identified throughout the claims process. Your company name and other proprietary information will remain confidential at all times. In addition, we also will keep your information confidential as we are a SOC 2 certified company.  

Our fee, is a contingency fee and is an agreed upon amount. The contingency fee is drawn from the claim recovery amount. As an added value to our clients, all expenses including services such as technology, accounting, hiring of industry experts and the like to substantiate your claim only comes out of our contingency fee. We never bill you and there are never any out of pocket expenses to your company for any value added service. Additionally, if we do not recover the settlement for your company, we do not charge a fee for any time and work we have invested in the claim. 

There are many factors involved in evaluating each recovery. The Plan of Distribution for each settlement provides guidance on how the payments will be calculated. However, it is not possible to provide an answer without knowing certain factors, particularly how many claimants are represented in the settlement. To that end, all distribution payments are divided on a pro-rata basis. As an example, the fewer the claimants the greater the pro-rata payment. 

A Claims Administrator is a neutral third-party company that provides claims processing services in a class action settlement. A Claims Administrator makes sure that all payments are made in conformity with settlement agreements, and they make sure that your claim is kept confidential.