Leadership at Class Action Refund has a distinct way of analyzing the constantly changing landscape of claims management with a systematic method that harvests the best ideas in yielding the most innovative approach to claims management. Our executive team brings a combined knowledge of more than 100 years of industry experience in providing long-term value for our clients.

RicHARD G. DelgatTo Sr.

Managing Member

Telephone: 914.630.5000

Email: info@classactionrefund.com

Richard delgatto jr.

Managing Partner

Telephone: 914.630.5136

Email: rdelgattojr@classactionrefund.com

rick colasacco

Chief Operating Officer

Telephone: 914.630.5142

Email: rcolasacco@classactionrefund.com

Joseph Espaillat, esq.

General Counsel 

Telephone: 914.630.5151

Email: jespaillat@classactionrefund.com

Tara DelGatto


Claims Administration

Telephone: 914.630.5133

Email: taradelgatto@classactionrefund.com



Claims Processing

Telephone: 914.630.5103

Email: adelgatto@classactionrefund.com

Marco Giansante

Director of Information Technology 

Telephone: 914.630.5140

Email: mgiansante@classactionrefund.com