Comprehensive Claims Management is lifecycle management of your claim and we view it as an eight prong approach. The methodology requires expert knowledge and proper execution of each subject matter in order to effectively service our clients and yield a full settlement recovery.

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Claims Management begins with extensive research in identifying and tracking claims that affect our client base and other potential claimants.

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We notify our clients and other potential claimants of class action settlements that may affect their business.

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As subject matter experts on the cases we work, we educate our clients on the nuances of the settlements we file on their behalf, including advising on any inquiry they may have.

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Through our innovative technologies we are able to accurately identify the relevant data needed to file claims with complete schedules of transactions or products in order to yield a maximized settlement.

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We handle the filing and monitoring process from beginning to end and inform our clients of each milestone of the claims lifecycle.

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We address the complexities that may arise during the lifecycle of the claim, such as deficiencies and any other requests the claims administrator may have in order to validate the claim and report back to our clients.

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We reconcile payments received from the claims administrator and distribute those payments in accordance with our clients’ instructions within the respective timeframe.

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Client Service

We provide clients with best in class customer service, a commitment to excellence that is the thread of the entire claims management lifecycle. Properly supporting our clients’ interests with a helpful approach is at the core of our business.