Founded in 2003 by Richard DelGatto, Class Action Refund was formed to bridge the gap between claimants and their settlements. The goal was to create a safe harbor in order to secure affected companies their settlement recoveries. By providing a niche solution-oriented service, Class Action Refund was designed to remove the complexities and challenges from the class action filing process, thus ensuring your business the ability to attain its restitution.

We also educate and inform claimants of the particular attributes of their claim. Class Action Refund’s core business is designed to provide a comprehensive claims management process in order to engage, guide and support class members by:

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 Informing businesses of their eligibility as a class member to a settlement.

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Educating a claimant’s understanding of the class action affecting them.

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Stepping in to take action and managing the lifecycle of your claim.

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Maximizing the restitution value of your claim.

Class Action Refund specializes in the recovery of a broad spectrum of class action cases with an emphasis on highly complex antitrust filings, these cases are typically Antitrust Class Actions, Financial Antitrust Class Actions, and Securities Class Actions.

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