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We research and monitor class action cases so that we can alert your business when it’s entitled to participate in a settlement class, thus connecting you to your recovery.

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By organizing and handling all the forms and data associated with filing your claim, we ensure it meets all requirements and is submitted accurately, saving your business time and resources.
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We continuously manage every aspect of your claim to mitigate risk of denial and respond to any request to substantiate your claim, so you can stay focused on your core business.

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Don’t settle for just filing a claim, when its value can be maximized. Take advantage of our experience to make a difference in yielding your claim’s full restitution value.

Our Risk Your Reward

Each year millions of dollars in unfiled or misfiled class action reward settlements are left unclaimed. Business leaders rely on Class Action Refund as their industry leader to effectively navigate the complexities of claim management, circumvent the obstacles that can affect your claim, and shore up maximum recovery.
That is why, Our Risk is Your Reward.

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